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List of 2022 Awards:


Fine Art/Fine Handcraft

Best of Show - Greg Jones - Mixed Media ($1500)

Award of Excellence - Jeffrey Nelson -Inlaid Wood ($1000)

Award of Distinction - Elzbieta - Photography ($700)

Award of Merit - Dan Burleigh Phillips - Artist ($500)

Award of Honor - Tennile Roth - Sculpture ($200)


Creative Craft

Judge's Choice - Arielle Stankiewcz ($150)

First Place - Melody Simmons ($125)

Second Place - Gail Clark ($100)

Third Place - Eric Dietrich ($75)

Award of Honor- Sonya Boddie ($50)

Award of Honor- Kelly Fortune ($50) 

Kitty & Pam.jpeg

ARTS CO-Chairmen:

Kitty Vierbickas & Pam Smith Groseclose


Best of Show                        $1500

Award of Excellence         $1000

Awards of Distinction        $700

Awards of Merit                  $500

Awards of Honor                $200


Judges' Choice Award      $150

1st Place Award                  $125

2nd Place Award               $100

3rd Place Award                 $75

Award of Honor                   $50


Fine Art:
Painting, Drawing, Pastel, Printmaking,
Mixed Media, Photography, 
Ornamental Pottery, Sculpture, Glassware, Stained Glass,
Mixed Media 

Fine Handcraft:

Functional Pottery, Precious Metal / Gem Jewelry,
Intricate Woodworking, Hand-woven Items


Costume Jewelry, Clothing, Accessories, Woodwork,

 Metalwork, Glass and China Art, Leatherwork, Candles

Fine Art10-2019
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Fine Art16-2019
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Fine Art4-2019
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Fine Art3-2019
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Fine Art-2019
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Fine Art2-2019
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Fine Art8-2019
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Fine Art11-2019
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Fine Art12-2019
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