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There is plenty for your children to see and do at Apopka's festival.

The 58th Apopka Art and Foliage Festival is not just for grownups! The festival offers fun-filled activities for children coming to the park with a special area set aside just for them. There will be a Hay Bale Maze to wander through, and The Home Depot will feature four tents in the children's area, where they will be building make and take crafts under the direction of "Safety Bob" and his helpers.

Kids Zone

Face Painters have a special way with children, and they will be transforming a little face into one that has butterfly eyes or special sparkle cheeks.

Boy Scout troops are a part of our festival helping out with parking, assisting the visitors with their plants and sharing the butterfly area. In the Conservation area children will find the butterfly tent. Imagine what it will feel like to walk into a tented area and be among over 400 butterflies and have one, two, three or four rest on your cheek, arm or head. Inside the tent, the children will be able to feed the butterflies.

All donations made in this area of the park benefit a local Boy Scout troop. On Sunday around 3:45 PM, there will be a release of more than 400 butterflies of five different varieties.  When leaving the butterfly area, be sure and stop and see the fish and wildlife tent and learn about the BEARS and SNAKES.


At the Apopka Art and Foliage Festival, we have had what is called the "HAMSTER WHEEL" where you have to walk /run real fast in the wheel and crush the ice to make a snow cone. Bells ring and you push buttons to dispense your favorite flavoring over the crushed ice. This year, the children’s skills will be tested with a new machine, so come try it out.

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