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In 1961, under the leadership of, then President, Kit Land-Nelson, the Apopka Woman’s Club hosted it’s first Art Show at Apopka Memorial High School. The tradition continued, and the show became an annual event.

In 1965, the Apopka Jaycees hosted the first Apopka Foliage Festival at the corner of Forest Ave. and 4th St.  The Festival soon gained wide-spread attention throughout Central Florida.

Apopka Foliage Festival -1965

In 1976, the two events were combined to become the Apopka Art and Foliage Festival. 

The Festival is held annually at Kit Land Nelson Park.  The Festival has helped to bring recognition to the unique cultural aspects of the City of Apopka and it’s significant contribution to the National Indoor Foliage industry. The Apopka Art and Foliage Festival has been attended by governors and other dignitaries, and has received many accolades.


1982 - Was central to the City’s Centennial Celebration

1984 - Showcased in Southern Living Magazine

2000 – Designated as National Local Legacy by Library of                     Congress

2002 – Celebrated Apopka’s 120th Anniversary

2003 – Recognized in “The Apopka Spirit” in Florida Living                     Magazine

•Present – The Festival has grown into one of the most                                 respected and well-attended festivals in Central                           Florida, showcasing fine arts and distinctive, high-                     quality foliage.

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