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Dan Dempsey

Custom-made charcuterie boards | Creative Craft Spotlight Artist

At his home-based shop in Apopka, Dan Dempsey is unfazed by today’s fast-paced digital era as he meticulously studies one of his custom hand-built charcuterie boards. Exotic hardwoods from around the globe fused together in a distinctive composition of natural colors that have been creating a buzz among his inner circle of friends & customers. Brazilian cherry, Peruvian walnut, purpleheart, maple, & mahogany are carefully curved, planed, & sanded into aesthetically pleasing centerpieces, where simply being on display is enough to attract compliments (& possibly even jealously) from admiring houseguests.

Dan’s cutting & charcuterie boards reflect patience, process & precision. One-of-a-kind. Never duplicated. They’re all-natural, non-toxic, no staining, & no artificial coloring. A work of art tailored with individuality & authenticity, yet household utility. Durable & resilient against the cutting edge of a knife. Comprised of only the highest quality material, each ingredient undergoes careful hand selection & an inspection performed by the master wood craftsman who recently retired after 25 years of owning & operating a successful home remodeling business. 

Dan’s devotion to woodworking was inspired 6 decades ago in Georgetown, Massachusetts where he spent his childhood learning carpentry from his father. Over the years, his talents have been showcased in restoring antique relics & building furniture. Three generations later, his son, Ryan, now continues the legacy at the helm of the family business, after 15-years of one-on-one apprenticeship. 

Merely a hobby, Dan’s custom-made boards were never intended to be a business & any talk of the matter quickly drifts off into a conversation about what’s really important in life. Dan may speak of woodwork as a passion, but you can hear in it his voice that his true loves are his wife of 35 years, Leslie, 3 children & 3 grandchildren. On the forefront of his mind is the enjoyment of a well-deserved retirement following an extraordinary & fulfilling life highlighted by 12 years of service in the US Navy & over 20 years of raising a family in Maine.

Outside of the workshop, his delicate touch & finesse are often on display while casting a fishing line, shooting a game of pool in his garage or handling a spatula on the backyard grill. He’s easily hypnotized by a football game, any football game, much to the dismay of his adoring wife. If you have the pleasure of meeting Dan, know that you’ve made an instant friend. A man of honor & integrity where a good handshake is the only contract you need. He’s easy to spot, his mustache as his recognizable trait & always with a smile on his face. Readily willing to share his amusing sense of humor. Perhaps a little forgetful on occasion, but you will laugh just as hard after he’s told the same joke for the 3rdtime. You will find great wisdom in his keys to happiness, everlasting marriage and staying young at heart.

If you are one of the very lucky few to own one of Dan’s custom-made boards, realize that you have something much more meaningful than just home décor or kitchenware. You will have something precious, skillfully crafted by a special human being who has dedicated years to bringing joy & laughter to his family. The type of man who would trade his bachelorhood for the love of a single mom & embrace her little boy as his own. Not just some piece of fancy wood, but rather a sentimental & irreplaceable keepsake conceived by lovable grandpa & proud military veteran. A memento to cherish that tells the story of the artist & how he enriches the lives of all those around him. You will own a symbol of what’s good in this world. Store it in a visible place as daily reminder that you can aspire to be more like Dan.

Dan’s custom-made charcuterie boards are not sold online or in stores. A limited selection will be available for purchase (check or cash) at the upcoming Greater Florida Women’s Club Art & Foliage Festival 2-day event on Saturday, April 27 from 9am-5pm & Sunday, April 28 from 10am-4pm at Kit Land Nelson Park, 10 N Forest Avenue, Apopka, FL 32703. To learn more about Dempsey Remodeling, Inc., please visit Please help support veteran-owned small businesses & Made in USA.

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Elzbieta Weron

Photographer | Fine Art Spotlight Artist

I am self taught photographer with no formal artistic education, however, I have the following Accomplishments:



  •  Co Author of following Publications

“Great Destinations NJ“ 2008 

“In The Colorful World Of The Rocks And Canyons Of Arizona And Utah“ 2010

“Rutting season in Wilcze Góry“ 2017

„Wizje Natury” album ZPFP 2020

Group Exhibits: 

The Museum Of Earth Of The Polish Academy Of Science “In The Colorful World Of The Rocks And Canyons Of Arizona And Utah” 2010

Nowa Huta Cultural Centre in Krakow.

“Colours of the World Wildlife ZPFP – Krakow” 2009 2010 2016 2017


  • Awards:

2008 and 2009 Photographer of The Year -Polish Nature Photographers Union district Krakow

2016 Polish Nature Photographers Union-first place in Landscape 

2016 The 9th International Wildlife Film and Photography Festival "The Art of Nature" Torun -third place for multimedia show "A sio "

2016 The 12th International Nature Photography Festival-third place for multimedia show "A sio " 


I am also proud recipient of multiple art shows awards in New Jersey, Maine and Florida.

I'm late bloomer, coming to photography about 18 years ago, as a result of searching new ways of reinventing myself after suffering of midlife crisis.  My first encounter with a camera dates as far as yearly childhood when inspired by photography book "Eye to Eye" I grab my parents camera and spend whole summer vacation capturing close up photographs of insect and flowers. unfortunately my dream of become photographer got shudder by fact that camera  I was using did not contain any film.  :)

Second approach was at age of 21 when as biology student  I got myself Russian made Zenith camera and using slide film I got back to take close up pictures fauna and flora . This part of my photography work was more documentary then artistic 


Today my mission is to portray ordinary/common objects in the light provided by unusual circumstances. Every photograph is a result of both physical and emotional journey that starts with grabbing camera, trying to free myself from routine of everyday life, preconceptions, temptation to follow actual trends in hope to capture extraordinary  moments, to safe them into raw image and later conveying them to viewers through post processing and printing. My recent work is concentrated on showing the  beauty of Central Florida Cypress Trees . I prefer to take pictures in soft light of early mornings , love occasional feast of color  of predawn sky,  and dream of foggy day at the lake.

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